If you are looking forward to creating a football prediction system with accuracy better than that of the traditional approaches or your existing unsatisfactory betting systems, this book is for you! If you don’t have any football betting systems yet but wish to create one with high prediction results, this book is also for you.

The application of
Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze football games data has received a lot of attention recently. Because they can learn and adapt to many different tasks and make complex predictions, this advanced approach promises high prediction results! With this book, I will guide you how to build an advanced football prediction system by using AIs easily and practically, from the theoretical aspect to placing you first bets. This book is concise and easy to understand. It is suitable for any level from beginners to experts. The book will also teach you everything about the fundamental of AIs.

Most importantly, the book will introduce you with free websites for data collection and also introduce you with a powerful AIs’ software which is completely free of charge. So you can develop your own football prediction system without spending a penny! Don’t worry! You will also learn the software step-by-step graphically and easily from scratch. And you are assumed that you have never used this software before.

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"Very helpful and informative book for AI bettors."


 "Very informative read for anyone interested in AI betting. This book will definitely pay for itself many times over, be they're a beginner, or seasoned pro."


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Publisher: Mickey Chiu

Author: George Chiu

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